she chased her dreams until they became her reality.

about me

Hey there! I'm Molly, the girl behind the camera. I am a senior, family, child and event photographer based in Grand Rapids, MI.

In addition to photography, I love Jesus, coffee, music, and anything to do with fashion and design.

Hammocking, horseback riding and volleyball are a few of my favorite outdoor activities.

Photography has always been something I've loved. I strive to create beautiful images in natural light that my clients will not only love but will display in their homes. I believe that each photo you hang in your home tells a story and I'd love to capture that for you. I want you to be completely satisfied with your experience and love every minute of it.

Thanks for stopping by; I'd love to hang out with you! 

So whether you want to book a session, have a question, or just want to chat, feel free to reach out!

let's create your story.

behind the name

allegro ∙ Italian ∙ (cheerful; lively) ∙ a musical composition or movement performed in a brisk, lively manner.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I played around with the piano when I was four, but didn't start taking lessons until I was eight. I now play piano, violin, I dabble in guitar, and just recently started organ. So as you can tell, I love music. :) I wanted to find a way to incorporate music into my photography business.


Allegro describes my goals in photography perfectly. Just as allegro music is rapidly played yet beautiful and expressive, I want my sessions to be fun and fast paced, but relaxed and thorough. Music often has movements that are a small part of a larger piece. My hope and aim in photography is to capture a small part within your life that you will keep and treasure forever.

every photo has a story to tell.